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Tapper Graphics

High resolution vector art graphics from the Tapper arcade game, including eps and Adobe Illustrator files. All of the files below are compressed in zip format, and need to be decompressed to view (using a program likeĀ WinZip). Most of the decompressed files are v10 eps files, and require an image program to view (like Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop).

Tapper Arcade Graphic - Tapper Logo

Tapper Logo

[Zipped v10 eps file - 867 KB]
Tapper Arcade Graphic - Root Beer Tapper Logo

Root Beer Tapper Logo

[Zipped v10 eps file - 671 KB]
Tapper Arcade Graphic - Side Art Character

Side Art Character

[Zipped v10 eps file - 758 KB]
Tapper Arcade Graphic - Cabinet Art Bezel

Cabinet Art Bezel

[Zipped v10 eps file - 509 KB]
Tapper Arcade Graphic - Beer Icon

Beer Icon

[Zipped v10 eps file - 625 KB]
Tapper Arcade Graphic - Wheat Extras

Wheat Extras

[Zipped v10 eps file - 715 KB]
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