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KNIVES 2 C-Bills "A knife is more likely to kill someone than a fist. However, they aren't much better than a club. Rusty knives do more damage than clean ones, because of the tetanus value, and these knives look capable of doing a lot of damage. They're almost free, though, at only 2 C-Bills each."
SWORDS 10 C-Bills "A sword is much better than a knife, in that a sword can lop somebody's arm off in one stroke, whereas the knife takes quite a bit of sawing."
VIBROBLADES 100 C-Bills "VibroBlades are very common weapons, being basically a sword that vibrates at an extremely high rate of speed, allowing it to cut through most any armor or flesh easier than a standard blade could."
SHORTBOW 10 C-Bills "These little arrows don't do much damage, but if the other guy has a knife or something, you can really limber him up by the time he gets to you."
LONGBOW 20 C-Bills "With this bow, you're gonna get a better launch on the arrow because of the tighter pull of the thing. Still don't do much damage, but it hits harder than the little bow and it can shoot a little further, too."
CROSSBOW 35 C-Bills "This thing uses these stubby little quarrels, which are a lot heavier than the other bow's arrows, and so they poke harder. You're still no match for a good gun, but you're almost as good as a little pistol."

PISTOLS 40 C-Bills "There isn't much better than a good bullet, although this is the cheapest way to get it at only 40 C-Bills."
RIFLES 80 C-Bills "A good rifle has a much longer range than a pistol, and the bullet hits harder also."
SUBMACHINE GUN 100 C-Bills "The machine gun is like a rifle, only that it will hit the target a lot of times instead of only once. The ultimate anti-personnel weapon at only 250 C-Bills."

SRM LAUNCHER 1500 C-Bills "One of the few weapons that can actually penetrate Mech armor. Though it only does a couple points of damage, those might come in very handy at times."
INFERNO 1500 C-Bills "This ammo is a gelatinous goo that adheres to a Mech's armor and burns at a ferocious temperature. It raises a Mech's heat by six notches, which may cause a shutdown, with no damage to the target."

FLAK VEST 50 C-Bills "Excellent craftsmanship marks this triple-mesh, cloth, and metal fiber suit of armor. It's designed to protect against slugs and arrows, and can even protect modestly against laser weapons! Lightweight,it won't hinder your mobility, and it has a damage-absorptive rating of 25."
FLAK SUIT 150 C-Bills "This fine full-body suit is made of the same material as the excellent flak vest, but is extended to provide full-body coverage. Although you won't be nearly as agile, the suit's extra bulk boosts its damage-absorptive rating to 40."
LIGHT ENV. SUIT 200 C-Bills These suits have a "damage-absorptive rating of 30," and although they "limit your mobility, they're cheaper to repair than flak suits."
"Offworld, they are excellent protection against the environment, but here, they are used mainly because they have higher damage absorption than even a flak suit, at 50 points! They are inexpensive to repair, but are restrictive to your mobility."
"Black-market items only...ablative suits are made of the same material they use to shield 'Mechs when they are making assault landings. These suits will completely stop laser beams (but they're worthless against other weapons). They don't hinder your movement, but they are horribly expensive to repair."

LASERS: Powered off your mech's power plant, these never run out of ammo.
Small Laser Power output: .8 to 1.5 megajoules
Effective range: 90 meters
Medium Laser Power output: 1.5 to 3 megajoules
Effective range: 300 meters
Large Laser Power output: 3 to 5 megajoules
Effective range: 500 meters

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