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Game Controls

Various keyboard commands are used to perform actions and play the game. During combat, a player typically just types the key of the action that is listed on the screen (A for Attack, C for Cast Spell, R to Run Away). Outside of combat there are various keys that perform certain action. See below for a complete list.

In the title screen

Space Go to the game
U Go to the utility menu (copy disks, back to title screen, take over characters from Bards Tale (I-III))

Before the game starts

1-4 Delete, rename, view the corresponding character
If less than four characters exist, you can create a new one

In the Game

I Move party forward
J Turn party 90° to the left
L Turn party 90° to the right
K One step forward (open door, tromp secret passage in a wall)
1-7 Open character screen (stats, inventory, etc.)
The duration of the display of the texts during a fight can be adjusted with the cursor keys.

Action Keys

C Cast Spell - Select a character to cast a spell. Choose the school of magic they are proficient in (if more than one), the type of spell (Combat, Heal or Miscellaneous) and which spell name. If the spell allows it, you can also enter the number of spell points to devote to the casting (i.e. use 2 points).
D Dismiss Character - Used to remove a character from your party. WARNING: When a character is removed, so are all of their items, spells and abilities!
O Order - The order of your party. It is recommended that you place the characters with the best AV, DV and AC in the first four places (as they can melee enemies, and are the most vulnerable). Magic users and ranged weapons can attack from the three last places.
P Pictures On/Off - Switches on or off the images during a fight.
Q Quit Game - Exits the game. DOES NOT SAVE!
S Save Game - Saves your game state. You can only save one game at a time.
U Use Item, Skill, Attribute - With this multifunctional command you can use an item, skill or attribute. First enter the number of the character, then "I" (item), "S" (skill) or "A" (attribute). If you choose "S", you will then be asked if you want to use a "Lore", "Knowledge" or "Ability" Skill. Finally you can choose the target. E.g. if you choose a "Bandage-Skill", you are asked, which character you want to bandage. If you find a magic spell scroll, you should use the "Use" command to read it. If you have the corresponding magic skill, you will learn the spell for ever.
X Experience, Level Up - Allows you to allocate points earned from leveling up. Spend your character points wisely.
? Automap - The shown section can be moved with the keys "I", "J", "K", "L". Black areas show the region that you have not explored yet.
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