The girls of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
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The Girls of Leisure Suit Larry

Below are the girls of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. Read about each lady, and click the spoiler link for hints on how to win each woman's heart. For detailed tips on how to succeed with each girl, and how to win their hearts, visit our walkthroughs.

Leisure Suit Larry Girls - Hooker

Hooker The Girl Above Lefty's Pub

Above Lefty's bar, if you can get through the secret door and past the pimp, is one of the first girls that you can meet. Not very attractive, and she smells of stale cigarettes and chearp perfume. If you can gain access to her, you can have her ... but everything has a cost. Be sure to come prepared.

Hooker Spoiler

Getting the hooker is easy, but getting access to her may be difficult. You first need to get past the secret door, that requires a password, and then get past the bouncer/pimp that is guarding the stairs. Both can be found somewhere within Left's Pub. Check the bathroom for the password, and the hallway outside of the bathroom for a way to get past the pimp. Need more help? Check out our walkthroughs. Also, be sure to purchase some protection before engaging in any activity with the hooker.
Leisure Suit Larry Girls - Fawn

Fawn The Material Girl from the Disco

Fawn is a gorgeous blonde, and can be found sitting alone at the disco. Look deep into her eyes and ask her what she needs. She has lots of needs. Fulfill those needs, and she'll fulfill yours. First, gain access to the disco, then win her affections.

Fawn Spoiler

To get into the disco, search the first floor elevator area. To romance Fawn, you need something romantice, something sweet and something that all women love. Need more? Roses are romantic, candy is sweet and diamonds are a girl's best friend. The rose can be found at Lefty's. Candy can be found in the hooker's room. A diamond ring can be found in the bathroom of Lefty's. You'll also need some cash for the wedding and hotel room. And finally, make sure that you have something that can cut rope. For more information, check out our walkthrough section.
Leisure Suit Larry Girls - Faith

Faith The Fly Girl Who Needs Some Inspiration

Faith is the hot security guard that is guarding the high roller suites at the top of the casino. She is a beautiful woman who needs something to get her engine going. Find what she needs, and maybe she'll help you out. You can meet Faith early on in the game, but wont be able to get far until you find what she needs.

Faith Spoiler

Faith needs some inspiration ... something kind of medical stimulant that will drive her crazy. If you go to the alley of Lefty's pub, you will see a window with a bottle of pills. Unfortunely, you can't reach the window. To get a hint, buy a dirty magazine from the convenience store and read the articles. To get the pills, you first need to successfully romance Fawn and get the rope she used. You also need the hammer from the trash bin in the alley of Lefty's pub (by going through the window, and falling from the fire escape). See our walkthroughs for details information.
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Leisure Suit Larry Girls - Jasmine

Jasmine The Girl Who Has a Scent for Romance

You can only meet Jasmine in Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded (the 2nd remake). She can be found in the private employee area of the casino (found only in Reloaded). If you speak with her, you will learn that she has a deep love perfume. Perhaps finding, or even creating, a new scent will win her heart.

Jasmine Spoiler

To win Jasmine, you first need to find her. Search the floors of the Casino. On the 7th floor, in the plants surrounding the elevator are some coveralls. If you check inside the coveralls, you will find a key that opens the 2nd floor private door where Jasmine is. To earn Jasmine's heart, you need to create a special perfume by gather numerous items. First, get the hot sauce from the buffet (find all the blobs of food), and then use it on the whale to get some ambergris. From there, you'll also need some vodka, jasmine petals, civet. Get the vodka from Lefty's, the jasmine outside of the chapel, and the civet from cat (using a squid). For more information, visit our walkthroughs.
Leisure Suit Larry Girls - Blow-Up Doll

Blow-Up Doll Larry's Ticket to Success

She wont argue or say no - perhaps she's the perfect girl for Larry. She's not available unil much later in the game. In the original and VGA version, she may be overlooked, and is not needed to finish the game. In Reloaded, she must be used in order to meet Eve. She can be found in the high roller suite's bedroom of the casino.

Blow-Up Doll Spoiler

You need to get past Faith, in order to gain access to the high roller suite. She can be found in the closet of the bedroom. In Reloaded, you wont be able to blow her up using your mouth ... try getting the helium tank from the cabaret at the casino. For information on how to get past Faith, or how to use the doll, visit our walkthroughs.
Leisure Suit Larry Girls - Eve

Eve The Girl of Larry's Dreams

Eve is Larry's perfect woman - naked and sitting in a hot tub. Help Larry score with Eve, and you win the game. Finding Eve is difficult and closing the deal is a daunting task. She can be found at the top of Lost Wage's tallest building, sitting in a hot tub, waiting for love (but she may settle for Larry).

Eve Spoiler

You need to win over Fawn, and get past Faith in order to meet Eve. To learn how to win over both girls, see our walkthroughs. Once you meet Eve, give her what she wants. Eve correlates to Adam & Eve. Adam & Eve reminds of us the Garden of Eden. And, the Garden of Eden makes us think of the Apple and original sin. A perfect tie-in for the ending of Leisure Suit Larry. But where to find an apple? Maybe someone in the game is selling apples. Wait outside of the Casino, and a man will appear wearing a barrel, and selling apples. For more info, see out walkthroughs.
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