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Original Version Walkthrough How to Score with Larry

Below is a straight walkthrough for the game, from start to finish. This walkthrough is meant to guide a player to the end of the game, earning all the points possible. While the game is open-ended, and allows the player to explore anywhere they have access to, there are several ways to die. Death ends your game, and you are forced to restore an old save game, or restart. In additon, it is possible for the game to end because you do not have a certain object during a specifc moment . Be sure to save the game frequently and restore whenever you hit a wall.

Things to Know

The original version of Leisure Suit Larry requires the player to type commands. This interface was common at the time, prior to more standard point-and-click games. As the player can enter a variety of commands, the parsing engine sometimes recognizes multiple strings of text. For example, you can hail a cab by typing HAIL CAB or CALL TAXI. The game even recognizes YO TAXI. In addition, you can shorten sentences. Instead of PICK UP THE DIAMON RING, you could just say PICK UP RING, or even just GET RING. Another example is GET IN THE TAXI CAB, you could also just say GET IN or even shorter ENTER. The walkthrough below uses very brief commands.


Larry needs money to survive in the city of Lost Wages. As Larry pays cabbies and purchases goods, his limited cash reserves deplenish. It is important to check Larry's wallet frequently (type LOOK WALLET). When Larry's cash position is low, head over to the casino and you can try to win some cash back. The odds at the casino lean toward the house, so it is best to save your game, play a round, and restore when you lose. Stop playing when you have enough cash to go on.

Bad Breath

Occassionally during the game, someone will comment on Larry's bad breath. Fortunately, Larry carries around a little bottle of breath spray. Use the breath spray (type USE BREATH SPRAY) to save the people of Lost Wages from Larry's bad breath.

Bad breath is a humorous irritation throughout the game, and nothing more. If Larry's breath becomes foul, every person that he passes will make a comment. Some comments are humorous, but the humor gets tiresome really fast, and it becomes an annoying break in the game. Solution, just use the breath spray.

Cab Rides

A map of all the locations in Leisure Suit Larry
The Game Map (contains spoilers)

To get around town, Larry needs to use taxis. Wandering the dark streets of Lost Wages is dangerous, and walking is not recommended (be sure to save your game if you want to explore outside the city limits). To hail a taxi, Larry must be outside, typically where a taxi sign is viewable. All you have to do is type HAIL TAXI or CALL CAB, YO TAXI, or simply just TAXI. A cab will show up. Move close to the cab and type GET IN or ENTER to jump inside. Once inside the cab, tell the driver where you want to go. You can type any of the games location: BAR, CASINO, CHAPEL, STORE or DISCO (or any variations of those places, like LEFTYS). When the cab stops, the driver will tell you the fare. Just type PAY and the amount will be subtracted from his wallet. Do NOT attempt to leave the cab without paying (the taxi drivers in Lost Wages are dangerous). Once you pay, type EXIT, LEAVE or GET OUT.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

You start outside of Lefty's.
Outside Lefty's

The Hooker

Welcome to the city of Lost Wages. You play as Leisure Suit Larry, and your goal is to finally get laid. You begin infront of Lefty's bar. Walk up to the red door and type OPEN DOOR.

Sit down and order a drink.
Sit down, get a drink

Inside Lefty's

Inside Lefty's, approach the empty bar stool and type SIT. When the bartender is close to you, type WHISKEY [1] to order a drink . You will be given a shot a whiskey. Type STAND. Walk through the door in the top left. [Total: 1]

A rose and a drunk.
A rose and a drunk

Drunk Gifts

In the hallway, walk over to the table on the left and type GET ROSE [1]. A rose will now be in your inventory. Walk over to the man that is lying on the ground on the opposite wall. Type GIVE WHISKEY. The drunk will give you a remote control [2] in exchange for your generosity. Walk up to the brown door to the right and type OPEN DOOR. [Total: 4]

Lefty's bathroom. Read the writing on the wall.
The writing on the wall

The Dirty Bathroom

In the bathroom, type LOOK AT WALL four times (on the fourth time, you will learn the password "Ken Sent Me" [2]). Walk over to the sink and type GET RING (you get the diamond ring [3]). Walk over to the toilet and type USE TOILET [1]. Sit there for a couple seconds, and then type STAND. Walk over to the door and type OPEN DOOR. [Total: 10]

When you get back to the small blue hallway, walk down two screens (to the front of Lefty's bar).

Hail a cab.
Hail a cab


Once you're back infront of Lefty's, type HAIL CAB. When it arrives, get close to the door and type ENTER.

Going for a ride.
Going for a ride

The First Cab Ride

Inside the cab, type STORE. When the car comes to a complete stop, type PAY. Then, type EXIT [1]. [Total: 11]

The Quicki-Mart and the pay phone.
The Quiki-Mart

The Quiki-Mart

Outside the Quiki-Mark, walk up to the payphone and type LOOK PHONE (you will see a phone number [1]). Type USE PHONE, and when prompted to, type 555-6969 [2] (You'll take a funny little phone survey, and then get hung up on). For a second time, type USE THE PHONE, and enter the number 209-683-6858 [5] (the Sierra Hint Line). Walk into the store. [Total: 19]

Get equipped.
Get equipped

Convenient Purchases

Inside the Quiki-Mart, walk over to the back wall and type GET WINE (you'll pick up a cheap bottle of wine [1]). Walk up to the front magazine rack, and type GET MAGAZINE to get a copy of "Jugs" Magazine [1]. Walk up to the counter and type BUY CONDOM (you'll answer a short series of questions about your purchase, and then finally get a prophylactic [5]). Leave the store. [Total: 25]

Back to the Street.
Back to the street

The Bum, Phone and the Magazine

Infront of the Quiki-Mart walk up to the payphone that should now ringing. Type ANSWER [5] A female voice will appear on the other end, and tell you a funny little story using your answers to the questions asked earlier. By now, a wandering drunk should have staggered up to you. When he asks you for some spare change, type GIVE WINE [5]. The bum will give you a pocket-knife. Before leaving, check out the magazine that you bought by typing READ MAGAZINE [1]. Now, type HAIL CAB and type ENTER when it arrives. [Total: 36]

Back to the bar
Back to the bar

Back to Lefty's

Inside the cab, type BAR. When you finally make it back to Lefty's bar, type PAY. Then, type EXIT to exit the vehicle.

Back at Lefty's, walk up to the red door and type OPEN DOOR to go inside.

Use the password, get through the door.
Use the password

Getting into the Back Room

Inside Lefty's, walk over to the red door on the right side of the screen. Type KNOCK, and wait for an answer. When someone answers and asks you for the password, type KEN SENT ME.

It's all about distraction.


In the back room stay to the left side of the television and type USE REMOTE [3]. Now type CHANGE CHANNEL seven times [8], until you come to a program that catches the pimps attention. When the porno movie comes on, the pimp will abandon his post and clear the path upstairs. Walk around the pimp and go up the stairs on the right. [Total: 47]

Larry's first girl.
Larry's first girl

Use Protection

In the hooker's room, walk to the front of the bed and type UNDRESS. Then, type PUT ON CONDOM [10]. Now, type GET IN BED [11]. Congratulations Larry, it only took you 40 years to lose your virginity. When Larry's all done, type TAKE OFF CONDOM [1]. Walk over to the small brown table on the right side of the screen and type PICK UP CANDY [2] to get the candy. Walk over to the window and type OPEN WINDOW. Type CLIMB OUT. [Total: 71]

On the fire escape, in Lefty's alley, walk left and you'll fall down into the dumpster below. Once larry is in the dumpster, type GET HAMMER [3]. Type EXIT to exit the dumpster. Walk left one screen. [Total: 74]

To the Casino

Infront of Lefty's bar type HAIL CAB. When the cab arrives, type ENTER. In the cab, type CASINO. When the cab stops, type PAY and then EXIT.

Finding Fawn

Arriving at the Casino
The Casino

Buy an Apple

Infront of the casino, wait for a man wearing a barrel to show up. When he come into view, type BUY APPLE [3] (If he doesn't show up, walk right one screen and then walk back. Sooner or later he has to show up.) Now, enter the casino behind you. [Total: 77]

Playing Games
Playing Games

Card Games

Inside the casino, walk over to the card table on the left and type SIT.

PLAYING CARDS: Save your game and starting gambling. If you win any money, save. If you lose any money, just restore your last game. Use this system to easily make some money. Stop playing when you the house wont let you play anymore (when you reach $250). When you've made enough money, type EXIT to exit the blackjack game. Now, go up one screen.

Check everywhere, even the ashtray
Check the ashtray

The Elevator, and the Ashtray

At the elevator, Walk up to the small ashtray a few steps ahead and type GET CARD [Total: 1] (you'll pick up a free disco pass). Walk up to the yellow cabaret sign and walk right to the next screen. [Total: 78]

Take a seat, enjoy the show!
Take a seat

Cabaret Show

In the cabaret, walk up to the chair on the lower-right corner of the screen and type SIT [1]. You'll score an extra point for sitting on a whoppe cushion. Type STAND and walk out of the room (lower-left corner). Go down two screens to exit the casino.[Total: 79]

Time to Disco!

Infront of the casino, type HAIL CAB. When it pulls in front of you, type ENTER. In the cab, tell the driver to take you to the DISCO. When you arrive, type PAY and then EXIT.

Getting past the bouncer
The bouncer

Getting Past the Bouncer

At the disco entrance, walk up to the bouncer and type GIVE PASS [5]. Walk up the stairs and into the club. [Total: 84]

Time to Disco!
Time to Disco!

Winning Over Fawn

Inside the disco, walk to the empty seat next to the girl and type SIT [1]. Type LOOK AT GIRL, and you will get a close-up of Fawn. Type LOOK AT GIRL [1] a second time. Then, type TALK TO HER [1] five times. When she starts to talk about "not being able to say no ... to nice presents", type GIVE CANDY [5]. Next, type GIVE ROSE [5]. Then, type GIVE RING [5]. Now type DANCE, then type STAND and then walk over onto the dance floor [5] (Larry will start dancing). [Total: 107]

Closing the Deal

When the little dance scene is done, walk back over to the table and type SIT. When you're seated again, type LOOK AT FAWN. When Fawn asks you for a hundred dollars, type GIVE MONEY [7]. When Fawn has left the room, type STAND. Now, exit the disco club and walk out to the sidewalk. [Total: 114]

Off to the Chapel

Time to go to the wedding chapel. Infront of the disco, type HAIL CAB. When it pulls up type ENTER, and then once inside type CHAPEL. When you get there, type PAY and then type EXIT.

Talk to the guy in the trench coat

The Flasher

Infront of the Quiki-Wed. Walk up to the man in the brown trench coat. Type TALK TO MAN [1]. Before proceeding any further, check you wallet by typing LOOK WALLET and make sure that you have at least $100 for the ceremony. If not, go to the casino (one screen left) and play cards for more cash. If you have the cash, walk up to the brown door to the wedding chappel and type OPEN DOOR. [Total: 115]

Larry gets married!
Larry gets married!

Larry's Wedding

Inside the chapel, walk up to Fawn and the preacher, and then type GET MARRIED [12]. When the ceremony is over, exit the chapel by going down one screen (to the front of the chapel). [Total: 127]

To the Honeymoon Suite

Now go left one screen, to the casino. When you get inside the Casino, go up one screen and walk into the elevator. While standing inside the elevator, type FOUR.

The Honeymoon Suite
The Honeymoon Suite

Knock, Knock

On the forth floor, exit the elevator and walk over to the left door that is decorated with a small pink heart (this is the honeymoon suite). When standing directly in front of the door, type KNOCK and you will enter the room.

Try some music, get her in the mood
Turn the radio up

Set Some Mood Music

In the honeymoon suite, walk over to the other side of the bed and up to the small gray box. Type TURN ON RADIO [1]. Wait a few seconds for a commercial to come on. You will hear a radio ad for Ajax Liquor, a wine delivery service. Walk over to the door on the right side of the room and type OPEN DOOR. [Total: 128]

Win Some Cash

Walk into the elevator and type ONE. When you reach the bottom floor, walk out of the elevator and go down two screens to exit the casino/hotel. (NOTE: Check your cash by typing LOOK WALLET. If you are low on funds, it might be a good time to play some cards. I recommend having at least $60 at this point.)

Back to the Quiki-Mart

Infront of the casino, type HAIL CAB. When the taxi pulls up, type ENTER and then type STORE. When you arrive, type PAY and then type EXIT.

Back to the Quiki-Mart, to use the phone
Make a call

Ordering Wine

At the Quiki-Mart, walk up to the payphone and type USE PHONE. Enter in the number 555-8039. When it asks you what you want to buy, type WINE. When it asks you where to deliver it, type SUITE [5]. [Total: 133]

Getting Back to Fawn

Back to the casino. Type HAIL CAB. When it pulls up, type ENTER. When he asks you where you want to go, type CASINO. When the cab arrives at the Casino, type PAY and then type EXIT.

Enter into the casino, and then go up one screen to the elevator. Enter the elevator and type FOUR. When you reach the 4th floor, walk over to the honeymoon suite and type KNOCK.

Time to get busy!
Time to get busy!

Fawn is Ready

Once you've entered the honeymoon suite, walk over to Fawn and type TALK TO FAWN (she'll encourage you to pour some wine). Walk over to the wine bottle on the mantle and type POUR WINE. Now, walk right up to Fawn and type STRIP (watch the humorous cut scene).

The great escape!
The great escape!

All Tied Up

Looks like you got into some trouble ... maybe Fawn wasn't the right girl for you. Type USE KNIFE [10]. Take the rope by typing GET ROPE [3]. Go to the door and type OPEN DOOR. [Total: 146]

Need Some Quick Cash

On the forth floor, walk into the elevator and type ONE. On the first floor, go down to the casino games, and play some cards. Move to the front left card table and type SIT. Save your game and play until you have about $60 (enough for at least two taxi rides). Reload when you lose. Type STAND when done, and then exit the casino.

Back to Lefty's, One Last Time

Time to go back to Lefty's. Infront of the casino, type HAIL CAB. When it arrives, type ENTER. Inside the cab, type BAR. When you arrive, type PAY and then EXIT.

Having Faith

Back to Lefty's
Back to Lefty's

To the Fire Escape!

You need to proceed to the fire escape. When you arrive at Lefty's, walk up to the red door and type OPEN DOOR. Inside Lefty's, walk over to the door on the right and type KNOCK. When asked for the password, type KEN SENT ME. Once inside the back room, walk around the pimp watching TV and go up the stairs. In the hooker's room, walk over to the window and type CLIMB OUT.

The long reach
The long reach

Getting the Pills

On the fire escape, in Lefty's alley, move to the right. Type TIE ROPE TO RAIL, and then type TIE ROPE TO LARRY. Now, type GET PILLS (you will secure yourself to the railing as you reach for the bottle of pills on the other window sill. Then, you notice the window is locked from the inside). Type USE HAMMER (You'll break the window open using the hammer). Type GET PILLS [8]. You just picked up a bottle of pills. Type GO BACK to get back on the fire escape. Type UNTIE ROPE. Walk over to the left side of the fire escape, and fall into the dumpster below you. In the dumpster, type EXIT. Walk left one screen, to Lefty's. [Total: 154]

Back to Lefty's
One more cab ride

One Last Cab Ride

Standing infront of Lefty's, it's time to go back to the casino. Type HAIL CAB, and when it pulls up, type ENTER. In the cab, type CASINO. When you get there, type PAY and then type EXIT.

Enter the casino, and then go up to the elevator. Step into the elevator and type EIGHT.

Hot security
Hot security

Getting Past Security

On the eighth floor, walk over to the woman standing at the small table LOOK AT GIRL. Type TALK TO HER six times, until you get a message refering to a "medical stimulant". Type GIVE PILLS TO GIRL [5] (for some reason, just using GIVE PILLS doesn't work). [Total: 159]

Going Up...

On the eighth floor, while you're still standing at the yellow table, type PUSH BUTTON. The private elevator will open - walk inside. [5] [Total: 164]

On the Eve of Success

High Roller Suite
High Roller

The Penthouse Suite

In the penthouse, walk out of the elevator, up to the back wall. From there, walk right and go into the bedroom.

Larry's girl is getting away
Larry's girl gets away

The Love Doll

In the bedroom, walk over to the brown door on the right wall and type OPEN DOOR. Enter the closet and type LOOK. Now, type PICK UP DOLL [5]. Type INFLATE DOLL [5]. Type USE DOLL once. Type USE DOLL [8] a second time. [Total: 182]

Larry will follow the doll, which will lead you to a woman in a bubbling hot tub.

Larry's Dream Girl
The hot tub

Larry and Eve

Walk up to the hot tub type LOOK AT GIRL (she'll invite you into the hot tub with her). Type UNDRESS (you'll take off your stylish suit, and hop right into the tub). Once again, LOOK AT GIRL. For a little added fun, type TURN OFF BUBBLES to catch a quick peek. Finally, type GIVE APPLE [15]. Larry will follow Eve to the bedroom and you win the game [25]. Congratulations! [Total 222 out of 222]

The Point List

Getting Every Point, The Perfect Game

Action Points
Buy the whiskey1
Get the rose from the hallway1
Give the whiskey to the drunk2
Find the password2
Pick up the diamond ring2
Use the bathroom1
Turn on the television3
Turn to the porno movie8
Take a trip in the taxi1
Look at the payphone1
Call the sex hotline2
Buy a box of wine1
Buy a condom1
Answer the payphone5
Give the bum the box of wine5
Put on the condom1
Climb into bed with the hooker11
Remove the condom1
Pick up the box of candy2
Pick up the hammer3
Buy the apple from the man3
Talk to the trench-coat man1
Find the disco pass1
Buy a copy of "Jugs" magazine1
Read the "Jugs" magazine1
Call Sierra On-Line5
Show the card to the bouncer5
Sit down next to Fawn1
Look at Fawn two times1
Talk to Fawn1
Give Fawn the box of candy5
Give Fawn the rose5
Give Fawn the diamond ring1
Dance with Fawn5
Give Fawn the money7
Get married to Fawn12
Hear liquor ad on the radio5
Call "Ajax Liquor"5
Cut yourself free of the ropes10
Pick up the rope3
Get the bottle of pills8
Give the bottle to Faith5
Enter into the private elevator5
Get the inflatable doll5
Inflate the doll5
Try to fuck the doll8
Give Eve the apple15
Get into bed with Eve25
Total Points: 222
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