Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards - VGA Version

VGA Version Walkthrough: Basic Info Larry Laffer's Stuff to Know


The game uses a familiar point-and-click system. Click on an action, and then click on a person, object or location to interact. The game has a limited number of commands: WALK, LOOK, PICKUP/USE, TALK, SMELL/TASTE/BLOW, ZIPPER/UNDRESS, USE SELECTED ITEM, INVENTORY and SETTINGS.

The top action commands in Leisure Suit Larry's point-and-click user interface  - Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry - VGA Version - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There are two ways to access the list of commands. The most common way to access the actions is to move your mouse to the top of the screen. Move your mouse up, and the action icons will appear. Click an icon and the action will be selected — then you can click on the object or person that you want to interact with. For example, if you want to talk to someone, you click on the TALK action, and then click on the person you want to interact with. Alterntively, if you right-click the mouse, it will cycle through the action options.

Inventory Commands  - Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry - VGA Version - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you click the INVENTORY icon, the suitcase will display all of the items that Larry has. LOOK allows you to get information about an item. USE allows you to interact with the item. The white arrow allows you to SELECT an item and use the item to interact with other objects and people. Clicking OK closes the suitcase and returns to the game. Note: Any selected items will be retained in the top menu's SELECTED ITEM slot.

Age Check

At the beginning of the game, there is an age check quiz. The player is required to answer a series of questions, that only someone who is of legal age can answer. Fail the quiz, and you wont be able to play. Some of the questions are out-dated, but most are rather easy. The quiz isn't updated over time, so as this game ages, younger players will have a difficult time. Don't fret though, there is a way to bypass the age check...

Age Verification Check  - Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry - VGA Version - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Start the game, and select an age between 16 and 99 (the two other options return you to the main menu). When it asks the first question, press CTRL + ALT + X (all at the same time). You'll be successfully when you see the message "CHEATER, CHEATER. CHEATER!!!".


Larry needs money to survive in the city of Lost Wages. As Larry pays cabbies and purchases goods, his limited cash reserves deplenish. It is important to check Larry's wallet frequently (open your inventory, and LOOK at his wallet).

Play Blackjack or Slots to Win More Money - Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry - VGA Version - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When Larry's cash position is low, play a slot/card machine to try and win some money. The odds on the gaming machine lean toward the house, so it is best to save your game, bet the maximum amount and play a round, and restore when you lose. Stop playing when you have enough cash to go on.

In the VGA version of the game, you can only gamble at the casino. So, if Larry are at another location, make sure that the location is in walking distance (the Chapel) or that Larry can afford the cab ride there. If Larry has less than $2, or can't afford a can ride to the casino, the game is over.

Breath Spray

Occassionally during the game, someone will comment on Larry's bad breath. There is no penalty for bad breath, but everyone Larry passes will comment on it — the constant stream of popups can get annoying. Fortunately, Larry carries around a little bottle of breath spray. USE the breath spray to save the people of Lost Wages from Larry's bad breath.

Larry's Breath Spray Helps His Halitosis - Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry - VGA Version - Game Guide and Walkthrough

To get rid of Larry's halitosis, open the inventory and click the white SELECT arrow. Now click on the breath spray (see the image above). Then leave the inventory by clicking OK. Move the Breath Spray ontop of Larry and click. If successful, Larry will use the breath spray and the situation should be resolved.