Guybrush Threepwood - This young man has aspirations of becoming a mighty pirate. Unfortunately, Guybrush is prone to disaster, and his exploits turn into a hilarious adventure that brings him face-to-face with the dreaded ghost pirate LeChuck.
Elaine Marley - The governor on Melee Island, and Guybrush's love interest. She tends to have everything under control, except for her problems with the ghost pirate LeChuck.
LeChuck - The ghost pirate LeChuck ravages the seas and strikes fear into the hearts of all men. Even the pirates of Melee island resist sailing the ocean when stories of his ghost ship are heard. LeChuck and his minions have a secret hideout beneath Monkey Island, in a sea of burning lava.
Fester Shinetop - Fester is the sheriff of Melee Island, but he seems to have some alternative plans of his own. Maybe you can help Guybrush uncover some of his secret plans.
Bob - This is one of LeChuck's stooges. He's great at groveling at LeChuck's feet and always good for a laugh.
Voodoo Lady - This mysterious lives in a creepy little house in the center of town. She magically appears out of thin air, and always has some interesting advice for out hero.
Captain Smirk - This gentleman trains sword fighters and resides in a small house outside of town.
Meathook - This two-hooked individual has some serious paranoia issues, btu perhaps he can help Guybrush in his adventure. Ask him to make his tattoo dance!
Otis - Otis is an interesting individual, you first find him in the city prison. Perhaps you should try and help him out...
Swordmaster - The swordmaster of Melee Island is a fierce competitor. You'll need some serious training to defeat this individual. You may need to use your wits instead of you sword arm.
Herman Toothrot - Herman has a few screws loose. Well, he has been stranded on Monkey Island for the last 20 years. He spends his time arguing with the cannibals of Monkey Island, walking around the island, and talking to himself.
Monkey Island Cannibals - This three individuals are the fierce flesh-eating cannibals of Monkey Island. However, they rarely eat meat. In fact, looking at their fruit-shaped masks, you may even assume that they are vegetarians. Vegetarian cannibals ... oooooh, fierce.
Stan - Stan is the ship salesman of Monkey Island. He moves and talks fast, so don't let him trick you into buying something foolish.
The Fettucini Brothers - These two can be found in the circus tent outside of town. They are setting up their next act, and may need some help. Maybe you can help.
Pirate Leaders - These three sit in the Scumm Bar and drink beer all day with the other pirates. If you want to help Guybrush become a mightly pirate, perhaps you should talk with these three.
Pirates of Low Moral Fiber - These people are pirates that hang around town. They might have some useful information for Guybrush. Or maybe not...
Cook - This cook is busy running the Scumm Bar. He can usually be found in the back, near the kitchen. Unless he's running around the bar...
Melee Citizen - This guy is your ordinary Melee citizen. Or is he?
Shopkeeper - The shopkeeper of Melee Island watches his place carefully. Rumor is - he knows how to find the sword master.
Lookout - The Melee Island lookout is always up for a chat, and has some useful information about the island.
Troll - This troll guards the bridge outside of town. What's the best way to get past a troll? Aren't trolls ficticious beasts?

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