Map of the Real World   |   Map of Cyberspace

Skill Chip Who has it... How it's used...
Bargaining Julius Deane Get price break at Body Shop
Coptalk Larry Moe Talk to Doughnut World cop
Cryptology Shiva Decode encoded passwords
Debug Finn Fixes damaged software
Evasion Lupus Yonderboy Escape AI combat (also can run KGB 1.0, which works even when Evasion doesn't)
Hardware Repair Shiva Fix damaged decks
Ice Breaking Finn Helps make ice easier to crack.
Logic Emperor Norton AI combat skill
Musicianship Emperor Norton Play dub to old rasta-guy on Zion to get passage to Freeside
Phenomenology Julius Deane AI combat skill
Philosophy Julius Deane AI combat skill
Psychoanalysis Julius Deane Detects AI's weakness
Software Analysis Emperor Norton Helps identify unknown wares
Sophistry Pong Monk AI combat skill
Zen Pong Monk Restores constitution during AI combat

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