Details: Agricultural planets are those which specialize in crops and organic material. They are fertile planets that are usually habitable, containing abundant farmland and overflowing with crops.
Buys: Contraband, plastics, home appliances ...
Produces: Wood, generic food, luxury food, grain ...

Details: Mining bases are usually built upon vacant asteroids. These bases tend to be the central station for mining operation in nearby asteroid fields.
Buys: Contraband, plastics, mining equipment, food dispenser, home appliance ...
Produces: Iron, uranium, and other metals

Details: Refinery's are the factories of the systems. These stations take raw material (i.e. ores) and turns them into finished products (i.e. plastics, home appliances). Trade routes from mining bases to a refinery are usually profitable.
Buys: Contraband, ores, wood
Produces: Plastic, home appliances, etc...

Details: Pleasure planets specialize in entertainment and tourist attractions. These planets produce nothing, but consume anything that makes life easier.
Buys: Contraband, home appliances, robot servants, food ...
Produces: Nothing

Details: Pirate bases produce contraband which is illegal on other planets. These stations are the home to pirates and can be dangerous if your affiliations are tied elsewhere.
Buys: Food dispensers, Holographic equipment ...
Produces: Contraband

Details: New Constantinople is one of the unique stations in the game. This station is one of the few that does not sell contraband, however, there are special "fixer" missions that require contraband to be delivered here.
Buys: All
Produces: Art (sells well on Pleasure planets)

Details: New Detroit is essentially a huge refinery. This planet/station makes finished products and buys raw materials like ores and food.
Buys: Contraband, all
Produces: Finished materials

Details: Oxford is mainly an agricultural planet, but also houses one of the largest universities in the system. In addition to book, this planet also exports everything an agricultural planet does.
Buys: Plastics, home appliances ... (does not buy contraband)
Produces: Books, wood, generic food, luxury food, grain ...

Details: Perry Naval Base is the central station for the Confed. They produce weapons.
Buys: Wood, food, grain, plastics, food dispensers ... (does not buy contraband)
Produces: Weapons

Name System Quad. Type Asteroids Ship Dealer Merch
Matahari Aldebran Potter Pleasure     Y Y
Beaconsfield Auriga Potter Refinery   Y Y Y
Elysia Auriga Potter Agricultural     Y Y
Drake Capella Fariss Pirate Y      
Romulus Castor Fariss Mining     Y Y
Derelict Delta Prime Fariss Derelict        
N1912-1 DN-N1912 Potter Pleasure   Y Y Y
Gaea Eden Fariss Retro        
Meadow Hind's Variable N Potter Refinery   Y Y  
Oresville Hind's Variable N Potter Agricultural     Y Y
Charon Hyades Clarke Mining        
Burton Junction Humboldt Agricultural   Y Y  
Speke Junction Humboldt Pleasure     Y Y
Victoria Junction Humboldt Agricultural     Y Y
Smallville KM-252 Fariss Pirate        
Lisacc Lisacc Clarke Mining Y Y   Y
Thisbury Manchester Potter Refinery   Y Y  
Wickerton Manchester Potter Refinery     Y Y
Heimdel Midgard Clarke Agricultural   Y Y Y
New Reno ND-57 Potter Pleasure     Y Y
Edinburgh New Caledonia Fariss Refinery   Y Y  
Glasgow New Caledonia Fariss Refinery     Y Y
New Const. New Const. Potter Government   Y Y Y
Edom New Const. Potter Agricultural     Y  
New Detroit New Detroit Potter Industrial   Y Y Y
Liverpool Newcastle Potter Refinery     Y Y
Macabee Nexus Fariss Mining Y   Y Y
Nitir Nitir Clarke Agricultural   Y Y  
Oxford Oxford Potter University   Y Y Y
Magdaline Padre Humboldt Pleasure   Y Y  
Basra Palan Fariss Refinery   Y   Y
Palan Palan Fariss Agricultural   Y Y  
Oakham Pentonville Humboldt Pirate Y      
Perry Perry Clarke Military   Y Y Y
Anapolis Perry Clarke Refinery   Y   Y
Remus Pollux Humboldt Refinery     Y Y
Saratov Prasepe Humboldt Mining Y   Y  
Basque Pyrenees Humboldt Mining Y Y Y Y
New Iberia Pyrenees Humboldt Agricultural     Y  
Mjolnar Ragnarok Clarke Agricultural Y      
Gracchus Raxis Potter Refinery   Y Y  
Trinsic Raxis Potter Agricultural     Y Y
Kronecker Regallis Fariss Mining Y   Y Y
Siva Rikel Clarke Agricultural     Y  
Vishnu Rikel Clarke Mining Y Y   Y
Rygannon Rygannon Fariss Mining   Y   Y
Olympus Saxtogue Potter Pleasure   Y Y Y
Erewhon Shangri La Potter Pleasure     Y  
Tuck's Sherwood Fariss Pirate Y      
Surtur Surtur Clarke Agricultural   Y Y  
Megiddo Telar Fariss Pirate Y      
Bodensee Tingerhoff Clarke Agricultural   Y Y  
Munchen Tingerhoff Clarke Refinery     Y Y
Achilles Troy Humboldt Mining   Y Y Y
Hector Troy Humboldt Mining   Y Y Y
Helen Troy Humboldt Agricultural   Y Y  
Valkyrie Valhalla Fariss Mining Y   Y Y
Rilke Varnus Humboldt Refinery        
Rodin Varnus Humboldt Agricultural   Y Y Y
Jolson XXN-1927 Potter Pleasure   Y Y Y
Joplin XXN-1927 Potter Refinery     Y  

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