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SANDOVAL - Mission

Objective: Take iron from New Detroit to Liverpool (Refinery system, Newcastle system), 15000 credits promised. Return to New Detroit for payment. Sandoval say he doesn't have the money upfront, and he gives you an alien artifact as collateral. He promised you the money when you come back.

Extra Money: You should get some commodity that Liverpool would want and sell them there.

Enemies: Enemies are randomly generated based on local distribution.

When you return, Sandoval is nowhere to be found... Tayla is in the bar instead. Tayla informs you that Sandoval is dead ... probably due to that artifact now in your possession. She'll get you some info on it if you do some jobs for her...
TAYLA - Mission 1

Objective: Take plastics to Oakham (Pirate base, Pentonville system). Tayla will give you 10000 credits when you get there.

Oakham is a pirate base with an asteroid field. Pentonville's pirates will be neutral to you as long as you work for Tayla, so it's not that bad.

Don't fly too fast in an asteroid field or you can't dodge the asteroids.

Enemies: Enemies are randomly generated based on local distribution.
TAYLA - Mission 2

Objective: Take Brilliance (contraband!) to Hector (Mining base, Troy system). Tayla will pay you 15000 credits upon delivery. Then make it back to Oakham (Pirate base, Pentonville system).

Expect to see many Militia Talons in the Troy system and random Confed/Militia patrols that will scan your cargo for contraband. Do NOT eject your cargo, otherwise you will fail the mission. We recommend that you afterburn past the Confed/Militia as your shields should be strong enough to ignore their fire. Destroying their ships is not recommended (as you do not want to get on their bad side).
TAYLA - Mission 3

Objective: Take more Brilliance to New Constantinople. Tayla will pay you 20000 Credits upon delivery. Then make it back to Oakham (again).

Expect to see Confed patrols all over the place, no matter which route you take. Stilettos and Broadswords try to block you at critical points, despite Tayla's promise that she bribed the Confed patrols. Again, you should afterburner past them, ignoring their fire.

Extra Reward: When you return, you complain to Tayla about how hot her missions have become. Tayla will give you a secret compartment, which cannot be scanned. This compartment can fit 20 cargo units and is only good for smuggling contraband. Nothing else will go in there.
TAYLA - Mission 4

Objective: Take more Brilliance to New Constantinople (again), 10000 credits as compensation, and the secret compartment.

When you leave Oakham, William Riodian (ace, flying a Centurion) shows up. Apparently, he's a bit jealous of the attention you're getting from Tayla, and he wants you out of the way. He'll ramble on for a while. Feel free to shoot him while he talks. Three Pirate Talons (pros) will join him in attack. Take them out (preferred) or run away.

If you make it to the jump point without taking out Riodian, he'll be there again with 5 Pirate Talons (pros).

Then just make it over to New Constantinople.

When you return to Oakham, Tayla says that she had no information herself, but she had found someone who does. Head for New Constantinople and look up Roman Lynch, who's a "made man" in the mob.
LYNCH - Mission 1

When you arrive in New Constantinople, Roman Lynch and his bodyguard Miggs will be seated in the bar. He'll agree to investigate the artifact's hologram while you do a few jobs for him.

Objective: Deliver a message to Seelig, who will be at Nav 2 in Pentonville (Pirate) System. When the message is delivered, return to New Constantinople. You will be paid 10000 credits.

When you get there, Seelig (pro or ace) is flying a Talon. When he gets the message, he gets mad and wants to shoot you. If you are up for it, shoot him down - otherwise run for it.
LYNCH - Mission 2

You're not happy at Lynch who tried to use you as a freebie bounty hunter, and he's not happy at investigating your artifact as he's running into... problems with his investigation.

Objective: Deliver weapons from New Constantinople to Siva (agricultural base, Rikel system). You'll be paid 15000 credits. Expect to see a rival gang, Salman Kroiz.

When you reach Rikel's jump point, you'll encounter Kroiz (ace) flying a Demon, and 2 more Demons (pro).

If you don't kill Kroiz in the first encounter, he'll show up again with 5 Demons when you near your destination.
LYNCH - Mission 3

Lynch has confirmed that the artifact is alien ... but he needs another mission done. His cousin needs to "get out of town", "away from the heat"...

Objective: Land at Romulus (mining base, Castor system). You'll be paid 30000 credits.

As you can imagine, Confeds want Lynch's cousin bad ... Expect Stillettos and Broadswords to come after you, especially inside the Castor system. Stilettos are FAST and you may have problems dodging them. Try not to shoot down any Confed/Militia.
LYNCH - Mission 4

When you come back to New Constantinople, Miggs is not there ... Lynch wants you to pickup Mr. Smythe from Liverpool (Refinery base, Newcastle system). Apparently Smythe found some info in the Oxford library.

Objective: fly to Liverpool (Newcastle system) to pick up Smythe, 30000 credits were promised.

As you can guess, Miggs will confront you in space and attack. He's in a Talon (ace) escorted by 3 other Talons in the Newcastle system waiting for you. When Miggs is destroyed, head to Oxford.

You can actually go directly to Oxford and ignore Miggs altogether. You aren't going to get paid anyway. Why take a chance?
MASTERSON - Mission 1

You arrive on Oxford, but Masterson refuses you entry. On the other hand, the university does need some work done ... And you need access to the library. It's a deal.

Objective: Escort Hunter Toth (Drayman) to Oxford. This guy wrote some nasty things about the Retros, so the Retros are out to kill him. You'll be paid 10000 credits, and if you do all four missions you'll be allowed access to the library.

Toth will be at Nav 3 at Oxford. You'll find 2 Retro Talons attacking him immediately, followed by 3 more Retro Talons. Make sure the Drayman reaches the planet and radios you "thanks" before you land, or you'll fail the mission. Stay BEHIND the Drayman!

This is the third-hardest mission in the whole game. Don't be surprised if you fail this a few times.
MASTERSON - Mission 2

Objective: Some data pirates are hacking Oxford's mainframe. Take out their base ship, the Black Rhombus. You'll be paid 10000 credits and soon access to the library.

Patrol the nav points and you'll find the Black Rhombus (Pirate Galaxy) escorted by 3+4 Pirate Talons. Once you've killed the Black Rhombus, head back to Oxford.
MASTERSON - Mission 3

Masterson is expecting a shipment of books. Unfortunately, someone else has contracted bounty hunters to destroy the shipment.

Objective: Escort Vulcan's Forge (Drayman) to Oxford. Again, 10000 credits and soon access to library.

You'll find the Drayman at nav 3, with 4+2 Demons. The Demons are after you, not the Drayman, so you don't need to worry about the merchant ship being attacked.
MASTERSON - Mission 4

Masterson expects another shipment, and fears a pirate attack.

Objective: Escort this final Drayman back to Oxford. Again, 10000 credits and access to library.

You'll find the Drayman at nav 1, along with 5 Pirate Talons (pros). The Drayman is REALLY weak, so it's recommended that you use some missiles to quickly take out some of the pirates first. Otherwise, the Drayman won't last very long under attack by 5 talons.

Upon mission completion, return to Oxford and obtain access to the library. Inside, you'll locate a scanner, and then you'll get a link to Dr. Monkhouse. The artifact is apparently Steltek, an alien race that hasn't been around for a millennia. Dr. Monkhouse was last seen on Palan. So head to Palan ...
LYNN MURPHY - Mission 1

Upon reaching Palan, you will find it blockaded by bounty hunters. Land on Basra instead, where you will find Lynn Murphy at the bar. She organizes the resistance, trying to break the blockade.

Objective: Prevent reinforcements from reaching the blockade. You'll be paid 15000 credits.

When you get to Palan's nav 1, you'll find 4+3+3 Demons (aces). Kill them all.
LYNN MURPHY - Mission 2

Objective: Kill all hostiles. You'll be paid 10000 credits.

Go to Palan's nav 1 and you'll find 3 Demons followed by 4 Centurions (all aces?). Take them all out. The Centurions will be your biggest threat, so you may want to keep your missiles until they show up.
LYNN MURPHY - Mission 3

Bust the blockade and land on Palan.

Objective: kill all opposition and land on Palan. You will get 2 friendly Talons as wingmen. Get 15000 credits also.

When you get near Palan, you'll encounter 3+2+2+2 Demons (all aces). Take them all out and land.

As you've killed a lot of Bounty Hunters, don't be surprised if Militia, Confed, and/or Bounty Hunters are after your hide.

Upon landing, you will find Dr. Monkhouse in the bar. He has a proposal for you...

Dr. Monkhouse want to get over to Basra. He'll take a look at your artifact, and pay a little money too.

Objective: land on Basra, get 5000 credits.

When you get near Basra, the Kilrathi show up! They want Monkhouse for some reason ... You'll see a Gothri, 2 Dralthi, then 2 Gothris at nav 4.

You can bypass the Kilrathi if you do NOT take the direct route to Basra. As you've killed a lot of Bounty Hunters (in previous missions), don't be surprised if Militia, Confed, and/or Bounty Hunters attack your ship.

Monkhouse shows you that the artifact fits together with the other piece he has. The result is both a map and a translation aid. The map seems to point to the frontier, beyond Rygannon. To get more information, you'll have to join the Exploratory Services at Rygannon. If you join ES, and let Monkhouse publish anything you find, Monkhouse will give you his piece and the translated map.
CROSS - Mission 1

Upon reaching Rygannon, you will find Taryn Cross of Exploratory Services. Conincidentally, she wants you to explore those systems on the Steltek map.

Objective: Explore Delta (4 nav points), get 10000 credits.

You will see some Pirate Talons in Delta system. Only the scripted pirates (nav 2 and nav 3) will always be hostile. Expect 4 Talons at nav 2 and 4+4 Talons at nav 3. Any pirate patrols that you run into will attack only if you are not on friendly terms with pirates.
CROSS - Mission 2

Objective: explore the nav points of Beta, and find Captain Garrovick while you're at it. You'll get 10000 credits.

When you get to Beta's nav 3, you'll find Captain Garrovick in a Centurion, and he's completely insane. He'll attack - so you'll probably have to destroy him.

Everybody else you encounter will be random.
CROSS - Mission 3

Taryn Cross want to know what drove Garrovick mad...

Objective: explore the nav points of Gamma, return to Rygannon

Enemies: When you get there, you find alot of Kilrathi.
Nav 1: 3 Dralthi
Nav 2: 3 Dralthis, 2 Gothris, and 3 Dralthi
Nav 3: clear.
Nav 4: 3 Gothris, then Kamekh and Gothri
Gothris are all aces, and Dralthis are all pros.

You'll also see a lot of random Pirates and maybe Kilrathis on the way to Gamma. Try to avoid a fight if it's possible. Don't waste any missiles as you will need them against the enemies in Gamma. Take out the Gothris first.
CROSS - Mission 4

Objective: explore nav points at Delta Prime, another 10000 credits.

There are a lot of random Kilrathi in Gamma... When you make it into Delta, you'll find a Steltek derelict... Inside is a derelict fighter, which seem to have a weapon you can remove ... so you take it!

When you leave, you'll encounter random enemies... and notice that a green thing is following you around trying to kill you! Avoid confrontation with the object, as your weapons will have no effect on it (even with the Steltek gun). Keep running and make your way back to Rygannon.

When you get to Rygannon to claim the final 10000, Taryn Cross will thank you for your services.
GOODIN - Mission

If you go to ANY mining base other than Rygannon, you'll find Sandra Goodin, attache to Admiral Terrell, in the bar. [If you can't make it to any mining base, turn on invulnerability. Remember to turn it off when you get there.]

Admiral Terrell is in charge of the whole sector from his HQ at Perry Naval Base. Confed have noticed the green thing. You should make your way to Perry Naval Base... Maybe the admiral knows what's going on...

Objective: get to Perry Naval Base safely (no, you don't get paid for this)

Doesn't matter which way you go, you'll run into a lot of Retros (figure 5+3+3 Talons). Also, that green ship will continue to follow you. Everybody else is random.
TERRELL - Mission

Enter Admiral Terrell's office at Perry Naval Base. The admiral believe that green blob is a Kilrathi secret weapon that has somehow locked onto your ship. Commodore Reissman has assembled a fleet at "Blockade Point Tango". You're to lead the drone there and let the Confeds kill it.

Objective: Make it over to Blockade Point Tango. You'll get 30000 credits if you succeed.

On your way to Blockcade Point Tango you will encounter a Steltek ship! You will be informed that the green ship following you is actually a Steltek drone and the last remaining Steltek weapon. It's following that gun you found. While the Steltek want to take the gun back, you agree to destroy the drone for them if you can keep the gun. They reluctantly agreed. To destroy the drone, the Steltek will upgrade your current Steltek gun so you can take out that drone.

When you get to Blockade Point Tango, you will find the Confed fleet, with 2 Paradigms and 2 Broadswords. Reissman informs you of his plans before the drone shows up. The Confeds will quickly find out that their weapons are ineffective. The only thing that can hurt the drone is your Steltek gun... And it's all up to you.

Here are some combat tips against the drone:
  • Don't get between the Confed fleet and the drone. While the Confeds can't hurt the drone, the Confeds can hurt you!
  • Dodge the drone's shots. Think of the drone as a huge Demon with tremendous frontal firepower. When it turns toward you, turn away.
  • The drone will accelerate away from you, then turn back at you and shoot, go PAST you, then turn back to repeat.
  • To beat it, you have to hit it while it's heading away, then dodge its shots as it heads back past you, and hit it again while it's heading away. Repeat until you destroy the drone.
Return to Terrell's office at Perry Naval Base for the thanks of the Confederation. Stay in his office to watch some funny dialog.
To view the Righteous Fire walkthrough, click here.

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