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When you are ready to start, head to Oxford, and see if your old pal "Masterson" is still around ...
MASTERSON - Mission 1

Objective: Transport Research Material to Edom, in New Constantinople, then return to Oxford to get paid. Pays 10,000.

No scripted enemies, just random encounters.
MASTERSON - Mission 2

Objective: Patrol Oxford's nav points for enemies. Pays 10,000.

You'll likely meet quite a few pirates or Retro Talons (at least 6 total). Just kill them.
MASTERSON - Mission 3

Objective: Transport "books" to Burton, in Junction system. Pays 10,000.

No scripted enemies, just random encounters.
MASTERSON - Mission 4

Objective: Transport requests an escort to the jump point. Pays 10,000.

When you launch, you'll likely see Retros closing in on the transport. Take them out (probably 3+3 Talons). Follow the transport (it is quite slow) and make sure it jumps out of the system before you head back to Oxford and land.
MASTERSON - Mission 5

Objective: Transport "artwork" to Perry Naval Base. Pays 10,000.

Random encounters until you get to Perry system. Some unknown ships will attack, but they should pose little challenge.

Now you need to seek out another employer ... You have three choices: Lynn Murphy, Goodin (Confed), or Tayla. You need to finish at least two out of three before Masterson will give you the lead you need.

Lynn Murphy is at Edom, in New Constantinople System.
Goodin, who's Admiral Terrell's attache, is at Perry Naval Base.
Tayla is at Oakham, Pentonville system.
LYNN MURPY - Mission 1

Objective: Go to 44-P-1M and patrol the nav points. Pays 10,000.

No scripted enemies, just random encounters.
LYNN MURPY - Mission 2

Objective: Run the blockade to Liverpool at New Castle. Pays 20,000.

2+3 Bounty Hunter Demons at the navpoints in Liverpool. You can just blow past them.
LYNN MURPY - Mission 3

Objective: Retros have blockaded New Detroit. Run in some food to New Detroit for 30,000.

You'll see 4 Retros then 4 Retros on either side of the jump. At New Detroit, two waves of Retros. Feel free to fly past them.
LYNN MURPY - Mission 4

Objective: Go to Metsor, clear Nav Points for 50,000. Then return to Edom.

"Unknowns" ambush you at the Metsor jumppoint in the Newcastle System. Then Retro Talons appear at one Nav point, and waves of Pirates at another.

Upon return, Lynn Murphy offers you 30,000 bounty on Governor Menesch. If you ever take out the governor, come back and collect more credits.

From here on, you either head to Tayla or go see Sandra Goodin (Confed)...

Sandra Goodin is at Perry Naval Base.
Tayla is at Oakham, Pentonville system.
GOODIN - Mission 1

Objective: Confed needs you to fly to Nitir (Nitir System) and defend it from Kilrathi raiders. Pays 10,000.

The place is full of Gothris. Good luck!
GOODIN - Mission 2

Objective: Confed needs you to fly to Charon, in Hyades system, and defend it from Kilrathi raiders. Pays 10,000.

You're almost at the border, so expect LOTS of Kilrathi, even some Kamekh corvettes. Otherwise, just random encounters.
GOODIN - Mission 3

Objective: Patrol New Caledonia System, destroy all intruders. Pays 10,000

No scripted enemies, just random encounters (expect Kilrathi).

NOTE: You'll need to land after completing the mission to refuel.
GOODIN - Mission 4

Objective: Patrol Regallis System, destroy all intruders. Pays 10,000.

Random enemies in Regallis (Kilrathi, Retro, Pirate), except for some unknown ship at nav 2.

NOTE: You'll need to land after completing the mission to refuel.

When you return to Perry, Goodin also gives you a 30,000 bounty on Governor Menesch.

NOTE: Now that you've completed two of the three mission sets (Murphy and Goodin), you can go back to Masterson for his contacts, OR you can head for Oakham (Pentonville System) to see if Tayla has some work for you.
TAYLA - Mission 1

Objective: Move Tayla's personal effects from Oakham (Pentonville) to Tuck's (Sherwood). Pays 10,000. She'll meet you there.

No scripted enemies, just random encounters.
TAYLA - Mission 2

Objective: Run Brilliance from Tuck's in Sherwood to Saratov in Prasepe. Pays 20,000.

You may think this is simple because you have that hidden compartment (from the original Privateer missions) ... Militia have somehow gotten past it and they can now see through that compartment now. Just afterburn past patrols.
TAYLA - Mission 3

Objective: Run Brilliance from Tuck's in Sherwood to Speke in Junction. Pays 30,000.

Again, militia doesn't like you smuggling. I'd suggest you just fly right past them and save your missiles. You can't restock those missiles until alot later.
TAYLA - Mission 4

Objective: Run Brilliance from Tuck's in Sherwood to Basque in Pyrennes. Pays 40,000.

Just do the same thing as previous missions and afterburn past patrols.

If you have completed Goodin and Lynn Murphy's missions, head back to Oxford ... Masterson is finally impressed, and he tells you that his friend Monte, who is in hiding, is on Palan. He'll meet you at the bar there, so go there.
MONTE - Mission 1

Objective: Take Monte to New Detroit.

You found Monte in the bar at Palan. He wants to go to New Detroit, and he's not paying a penny. A couple unknowns block your way at the jumpoint to New Detroit, otherwise just random encounters.
MONTE - Mission 2

The Retros seem to be under this new leader called Modecai Jones. No one knows about him, but Monte's contact may know something more.

Objective: Fly to Drake in Capello to meet Monte's contact.

No scripted enemies, just random encounters.

You will find the informant in the bar.

Objective: Take the document that you get from the informant back to Monte at New Detroit.

Some more of those unknown fighters block your way. Either blow past them or kill them.
MONTE - Mission 3

Monte explained that Modecai Jones is at a secret base somewhere, and somehow they learned that Monte's looking for them.

Objective: Take off and destroy the Retro ambush at Nexus system, nav 4.

When you jump into the Nexus system, you'll see some more of those Unknown ships. When you get to nav 4, you'll face many Retro Talons. Save your missiles for that. Take them all out, and return to New Detroit.
MONTE - Mission 4

Monte doesn't know where the secret retro base is, but he does have a lead on where this Governor Menesch is ... and you can collect all those bounties. Menesch is believed to be in the Troy system, or one of the neighboring systems. Patrol the place...

Objective: Patrol the Troy System (and neighboring systems). Kill Govenor Menesch.

Head to Troy, and explore the nearby nav points. Then follow the jump to the next system (Regallis?) that you haven't checked. You'll eventually come across Governor Menesch with several escorts. Menesch will tell you a story about how he sold your gun to the Retros, and that those unknown ships are actually Retros. He'll jump out, so jump after him. Take out his escorts and kill him.

Don't forget to head back to Lynn Murphy (Edom in New Constantinople) and Sandra Goodin (Perry Naval Base) for your bounties.

This only occurs after you've taken out Governor Menesch and gotten the bounty from Goodin.

Fly to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 1, and follow Commodore Uhler's instructions. When you get there, Commodore Uhler request that you patrol the system.

Objective: Patrol Blockade Point Alpha.

The system is FULL of Kilrathi ships. You'll see at least 3 at every navpoint, except the last, which has 9 ships (and a small Confed force).

NOTE: One of the Kilrathi will boast that they have been selling ships to the Retros so they can kill more humans. That explains those "unknown" ships flying about...

When you return, visit Admiral Terrell in his office at Perry Naval Base.
TERRELL - Mission 1 or 2

Admiral Terrell needs privateers to search the various systems for signs of Modecai Jones.

Objective: Head to Macabee in Nexus and proceed to patrol Death, Pestilence and War. Pays 20,000.

Retros are all over this area, kill them all and try to keep your ship intact.

When you head back, a Pirate ship tell you that his "employer" wants to meet you at Drake in the Capello system.
INFORMANT 2 - Mission

The "employer" is Monte's "informant", and he is actually a high-level Retro priest. He knows where the Retro secret base is ... and he has reasons to want Jones gone. The secret base is in Valhalla system. Jones is there or nearby. Find him and destroy him.

Objective: Kill Modecai Jones

It's a long flight to Valhalla, and a big battle is ahead, so save your missiles. There are just random encounters (mostly Retros) along the way.

When you get to Valhalla, fight your way through, and land at the Retro base called Gaea. Enter the temple. Do what comes natural undercover (pretend to be a Retro), and you'll get your clue about where Jones is. The clue tells you to look for the moon, and fly toward it ... you should see a jump point! Jump through, and Jones will be there.

Take out all the Salthi escorts piloted by Retros. There would be more than 10. Then take on Jones himself in a decked-out Centurion. He has your Steltek gun. Fry him.

Return to Perry Naval base to claim your fee from the admiral, and congratulations.
BONUS - Mission

(verified by 1 person) If you find Roman Lynch in the Pyranees system (on the Basque base), he asks you to kill Governor Menesch also (a lot of people wants that guy dead!). In return, he'll "reset" your reputation to "neutral" (toward everybody except perhaps Kilrathi and Retros) by hacking Confed and Pirate databases. Once Governor Menesch is dead (as plenty of other people want him head), you can have Lynch reset the first time for free. Any time after that will cost you some credits.
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