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Frogger Arcade Cabinet
Frogger - The Arcade

Frogger (developed by Konami in 1981 and distributed by Sega/Gremlin), is a classic arcade game noted for its novel gameplay and theme. The object of the game is to help your character (the frog) cross from the bottom of the screen to the top. Each frog must avoid getting hit by traffic while crossing a busy road and navigate a river full of hazards. The game is fairly simple in form, using a very simple 4-way directional control pad (up, down, left, right). However, as the game progresses, each level gets more difficult (i.e. faster cars, quicker moving logs, more hazards). During the frog's journey, they have the option of picking up various bonuses, such as picking up a lady from and landing on flies.

This website is a shrine dedicated to this classic video game. It is NOT a warez or abandonware website. It contains details about the game, paths to completion, screen shots, and more. This site does NOT provide the game for download, as the game is copyrighted.

Also, as this is a fan site, we do not have information about where to obtain cabinet parts. Nor do we have any technical or copyright information.

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