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Technical Information

Technical files and schematics for Space Invaders.

Midway Deluxe Cocktail Space Invader

Wiring Schematic (.gif image, 53K)
Power Supply Schematic (.gif image, 29K)
Power Supply Component Layout (.gif image, 33K)
Mother Board Component Layout (.gif image, 55K)

General Midway Information

Monitor Schematic (.gif image, 113K)
Power Supply Schematic (.gif image, 60K)
Midway Connector Pinouts (.txt, 2K)

General Taito Information

Taito Connector Pinouts (.txt, 2K)
Dip Switch Settings (.txt, 1K)


Manuals for Space Invaders.

Taito Space Invaders Cocktail Manual (.zip with .html files, 189 KB)
Taito Space Invaders Trimline Manual (.zip with .pdf, 3,425 KB)
Taito Space Invaders Part II Cocktail Installation and Parts Manual (.pdf, 1,635 KB)
Taito Space Invaders Part I and II Schematics [3 Layer Boards ONLY] (.pdf, 3,033 KB)
Taito Space Invaders Part I and Part II Pinouts [2/3 Layer Boards] (.pdf, 63 KB)
Taito Space Invaders Part I Upright pinouts [L-shaped boards] (.pdf, 63 KB)
Midway Space Invaders Schematics (.tif images, 1,423 KB)
Midway Space Invaders Deluxe Schematics (.pdf, 1,925 KB)
Midway Space Invaders/Space Invaders Deluxe Pinouts (.pdf, 64 KB)
Taito Space Invaders Credit Board DIP Switch Settings (.pdf, 41 KB)
Taito Tabletop Video Game Glass Mask Layout Diagram (.zip with .doc, 7 KB)

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